GHTA says visitors are not asked about their political leaning


The Grenada Hotel & Tourism Association says that it is a non-political entity which works closely with the Government of the day elected to run the affairs of the country and its membership doesn’t question visitors about political affiliation.

Responding to claims that persons from the Russia Mafia were on island, the Association said that its members who operate hotels take bookings from visitors from many countries and do not make inquires as to their political leans. “Visitors are made welcome and treated in a professional manner at all times. Providing they do not break the laws of our country they are encouraged to remain for the length of their stay as determined by the Immigration Department,” said a statement from the GHTA.

A  political activist that the Russians mafia have contributed $10 million the New National Party election campaign and there are members presently in Grenada residing at a well known hotel. On Thursday immigration officials confirmed that four Russians who entered the island last week were asked to visit the Immigration headquarters. No reason were given for the requested.




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