A Reminder to the Electorate from the Civil Society Organisation

Civil Society Organization takes this opportunity to remind the electorate of our Constitutional Rights and Obligations to vote on election day.

We further remind persons that the time allocated by law for voting is between 06:00am and 05:00pm, and urge all to go early to cast their vote.

We urge all voters to be responsible in managing the time, and we remind employers that time off for voting should in no way affect employees’ wages on that day.

Every vote counts! Voters are, therefore advised, to pay close attention to voting instructions as provided by the electoral office. Should you encounter any difficulties, or observe irregularities, please call or text the following numbers:
405 3439, 420 2871, 415 0631

CSO urges persons to conduct themselves in a manner becoming of a Grenadian who is about to determine the future of our beautiful, beloved country.

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