Authorities confirm Green Juvenile Anaconda discovered at the north of island

Authorities in Grenada have confirmed that the snake found on Saturday near to a popular beach is “a Juvenile Green Anaconda” and it is approximately eight feet long and two years old.

It was removed by officials of the St George’s University and kept in safe keeping until Monday morning when officials of the forestry, environment, health and other departments met to determine the specie and the sex.

Monday Senior Forestry Officer Anthony Jeremiah said that specie of the snake was determined to be a juvenile Green Anaconda but the sex is yet to be identified. “It’s an invasive specie and will not be sent back into the wild nor will it be kept in Grenada,” he said. “This specie of snake is normally found in South America and there are many ways it could have arrive here, we have no idea how it got here but it’s not going to stay here,” he adds.

Jeremiah said that an inspection will be done of the site where the reptile was found. “Not the immediate environment of the pond but throughout the entire affluent Bathway area, we need to ensure that there no other snakes of that kind in the area or around Grenada as we have no natural predators for them,” he said.

By Linda Straker


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