Community activist endorses NNP candidate for the Town of St George

Nickolas Steele

A community activist who resides in the Town of St George has indicated her willingness to vote for New National Party candidate on Elections Day.

“I don’t know if I am a NNP but come Election Day… I know am voting Nicki Steele and I am bringing the whole of Carenage with me,” former Permanent Secretary, Pamela Steele, said while addressing a political meeting at the Carenage on Wednesday night.

A respected resident of the Carenage and an active member of the Anglican Community, Steele has worked along with groups and individuals on many initiatives within the constituency.

Following the 2003 and 2008 General Elections, the constituency for the town of St George was represented in the Lower House of Parliament by Peter David who at the time was a member of the National Democratic Congress. David who was expelled from the party in September, is not contesting the constituency. He was endorsed by Pamela Steele for the two past elections.

Nickolas Steele is coming against Franka Bernardine, one of ten newcomers for the NDC.

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