Lantern Floral Displays: A Celebration of National Pride

Grenlec’s Independence display

GRENLEC’s customers will have until Friday, 8th February to experience a special floral display which highlights the natural beauty of the island through flowers.

The Grenadian woman surveys the beauty of the flora, fauna and spices at her feet and around her. Then twirling, she observes that the scenery swirls with her, as an extension. She proudly bears the pride of her nation, this Lady Independence with her pandana pleated skirt and anthurium bodice crowned with a ring of schefflera. As she regards us, her head brimming with dancing ladies and dendrobium orchids, she is striking and majestic. A daughter of the Spice Isle, she is easily at home in any Grenadian garden. This Lady reminds us to embrace our national pride and the responsibilities of nationhood, each new day.

Grenada Electricity Services Ltd. (GRENLEC) is delighted to partner with Floral Conceptions to present the Lantern Floral Exposition at GRENLEC’s customer care centres at Bruce Street, Grenville and Dusty Highway. Lady Independence holds court at Dusty Highway, her cousin Lady Andrew surveys visitors to the Grenville office and blooms cascade like a fountain at Bruce Street.

Prudence Greenidge, GRENLEC’s Corporate Communications Manager said, “We believe that the beauty that surounds us is in our people, our scenery and spirit is a constant source of joy and pride. We embrace the theme chosen for this year’s independence, Celebrating 39 years of Independence with Renewed Optimism, as a message for everyday. It is about how we choose to approach life”. The exposition also speaks to GRENLEC’s commitment to renewable energy and greening and has incorporated solar lights into the Dusty Highway display.

As they opened the week-long exposition, GRENLEC officials expressed gratitude to the team of floral enthusiasts who put together the wonderful displays. The Floral Conceptions team includes Cathy John, Hillary McNeilly, June Church, and Carol Thomas. The team collaborated with Sherma Mitchell, who created the Grenville display. GRENLEC also used the occasion to pay tribute to the late Kim Henry, who led the team that produced last year’s independence display at its Dusty Highway Customer Care Centre.

Grenada’s flora and fauna has earned it international acclaim, primarily through the Chelsea Flower Show. Ms. Greenidge added, “GRENLEC’s Lantern Floral Exposition gives us a context to sample the amazing botanical displays that our creative and talented nationals produce”.

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