$20,000 per month unclaimed

Social Development Minister Delma Thomas

The Grenada Government said on Friday that it is concerned why about EC$20,000 in Public Assistance  is uncollected every month, and has launched an investigation to find out why those monies are not collected.

The news of the investigation coincides with a decision by Social Development Minister Delma Thomas, to extend the number of days for elderly citizens to receive EC$200 monthly public assistance. More than 4,000 senior citizens receive the monthly assistance.

Public assistance is usually handed out over a three-day period, but that has now being extended to a week. Thomas, who is also Minister for Housing and Community Development, says the change is part of a wider plan to ensure Public Assistance is received by persons to whom they are assigned.

“We are going to be looking to change the format because we do not feel that elderly citizens should be made to stand in lines for long periods,” Minister Thomas explained. “So we are coming up with a plan to help those who can collect and facilitate those who can’t collect.”

Minister Thomas said the extension also applies to persons who receive assistance under the Necessitous Fund and the Bus Assistance Programme. These programmes all form part of Government’s Support for Education Empowerment and Development.

Minister Thomas says the changes are designed to increase the efficiency of the programme.

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