Citizenship for sale and new casino

Grenada is to commence an Investor Citizenship Programme, and to give “due consideration” for establishing a casino for visitors only, as part of the new economy promised by the New National Party when they won the 19 February 2013 General Elections.

These were among two announcements from Governor-General Sir Carlyle Glean, when he delivered the Throne Speech during the ceremonial opening of the Ninth Parliament today Wednesday 27 March 2013.

“My Government will commence a Citizenship by Investment Programme,” Sir Carlyle told the Parliament, as he explained that a Committee will be established to review the programmes of other countries and to decide the best option for Grenada to adopt.

Grenada had to shut down it first economic citizenship programme in 2001 in the aftermath of September 2011, and due to concern from other countries which claimed that questionable persons with criminal background were known to have purchased the citizenship.

The establishing of a casino on the island to provide another attraction for visitors has been the focus of many debates, and there is a real possibility that a license will be issued for the operation of one by the NNP Administration which is led by Prime Minister Dr Keith Mitchell.

“My Government will give due consideration to a casino for visitors only,” Sir Carlyle Glean told the Parliament.

He promised that these two initiatives which can lead to new jobs as the NNP embark on developing a new economy for Grenada, will only become a reality after the approval for legislations for their effective implementation.


by Linda Straker


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