Digicel Tri de Spice Grenada Triathlon 2013 on 30 March

Digicel Tri de Spice-Grenada Triathlon

Digicel is now title sponsor of the 26th Grenada Triathlon Championship which kicks off on 30 March at the Port Louis Marina. For the past four years Digicel has faithfully supported the event as a regular sponsor and has now been given the opportunity to brand the event as the Digicel Tri de Spice-Grenada Triathlon 2013.

Hundreds of athletes from the region and beyond are attracted to this event each time it is held. It presents a great opportunity for interaction and an opportunity for participants and supporters to savour both the land and waters of Grenada as their skill, endurance and sportsmanship are tested.

“We are delighted to have been given the privilege and opportunity to brand this prestigious event,” said Patricia Maher, country manager, “and we want to assure both athletes and organizers that just as we were diligent in our support as regular sponsors. We plan to be even more supportive now that we are title sponsors.”

The country manager also wants the visiting athletes to be assured of access to Grenada’s premier communications network. “Both visitors and locals can share with friends and family both at home or abroad their experiences at the competition using our robust network whether by voice or their favourite smartphone or tablet using our EDGE powered data service.

Digicel, the company which introduced competition to telecommunications almost ten years ago, is accustomed to competition and the winning habit, and encourages all athletes to be good sportsmen, men and women, at all times even in the midst of the fiercest competition.

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