New Spicemas chairman soon

Spicemas Corporation

A chairman will be appointed to the Spicemas Corporation within the next two weeks. Parliamentary Secretary for Culture Senator Brenda Hood confirmed on Sunday that the Corporation which has been without an appointed chairman since September 2012 will be spearheading the activities of Carnival 2013.

“Since coming into office I met with the Chief Executive Officer and was updated about activities. I will also be meeting with other bodies, but with regard to carnival both the Minister for Culture and myself will continue to have discussions about culture, and we are fully aware that a chairman for the Spicemas Corporation needs to be appointed as a matter of priority and that will be done within coming weeks. There is no doubt about who will be spearheading activities for carnival, it will be done by the Corporation” she said.

The Spicemas Corporation which was established in 2011 following the passage of the Spicemas Corporation legislation in 2010, is tasked with the responsibility of administering, managing, and marketing of carnival. The first chairman was Colin Dowe who was initially appointed to spearhead the Grenada Carnival Committee from 2009. He had promised to serve for three years but also served as the Chairman of Corporation during its first year of operations.

Dowe resigned from the post following Carnival 2012 and the post has since been vacant. There were also two other resignations from the 12 member Corporation which comprises of representatives from the various carnival stakeholders and other persons appointed by the minister.

By Linda Straker

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