NSAP membership engaging consultants on initiatives

The Non-State Actors Panel is today having a meeting with two consultants at the Red Cross Conference Room. These meetings will give members the opportunities to contribute towards yachting sector and to participate in an assessment exercise with the Results Monitoring Mission of the European Union, Brussels.

The EU (Brussels) organises annual assessments of their projects worldwide and from 18 to 22 March a consultant is visiting Grenada to conduct an assessment of the Technical Cooperation Fund (TCF) and the Support provided to Non-State Actors Projects and initiatives.

The assessment is referred to as a Results Oriented Monitoring, and involves speaking with a variety of stakeholders; beneficiaries and managers of the projects.

The NSAP is both a beneficiary and manager of a portion of the funds under the TCF and Support to Non-State Actors Project. The meeting with the Brussels mission will take place from 10.30 am to 12 noon at the Red Cross Conference Room.

Before the EU consultants meet with the NSAP there will be a meeting with Dr. Andre Henry (who assisted the NSAP in developing the Management Action Plan for the NSAP). This time, he will be soliciting the views of the NSAP membership on the development of the yachting sector in Grenada.

by Linda Straker

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