Statement from SGU Chancellor

Following reports in the media about the operations of St. George’s University, Chancellor Charles R. Modica issued the following statement Tuesday evening:

I was recently made aware of a Reuters publication implying that St. George’s University was for sale. Although we typically do not respond to rumors in the media, we wanted to provide some background given speculation the article has caused.

St. George’s goal has always been to provide students the best education possible. To that end, we have been in discussions with various entities for over a decade in an effort to grow the University, especially internationally, and enhance its strong reputation. While we have not developed a partnership through these prior conversations, we are continuing to explore the opportunity to find a partner that shares our vision while enhancing the learning experience. I am enthusiastic about our ability to continue absent a partner, but I believe they could help us accelerate our vision. It is my intention, whether we partner with an investor or continue on our own, to remain Chancellor for a long time.

I continue to be excited about St. George’s and the quality and reputation of our institution, and the prospects of being involved and finding a partner to help us grow.

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