Vincentian charged for drug possession


Police in Grenada arrested and charged a 36 year old farmer from St Vincent as part of a joint operation which resulted in the confiscating of almost 400 pounds of Cannabis.

The  joint operation by officers attached to Drug Squad, Special Services and Grenada Coast Units has resulted in the discovery of approximately 395¼ lbs of cannabis and the detention of two males including a Vincentian national.

The men, Elconedo Sergeant, 36 year old Farmer, a citizen of St. Vincent, and Albert Henry, 48 year old Fisherman residing at Telescope St. Andrew, were apprehended at about 4:30am on Saturday March 2nd 2013. A statement from the police said that the men were seen exiting a fishing boat at a beach in Grenville, St. Andrew, and a search of their persons led to the detection of about 12 pounds of cannabis.

Further investigations led to the discovery of four fine bags and three bales containing one hundred and eight-four pounds of Cannabis at Sandy Island and another one hundred and ninety-nine and a quarter pounds of cannabis at Marquis Rocks in St. Andrew.

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