Carriacou Maroon & String Band Festival Sponsorship

Republic Bank's Managing Director Keith Johnson present's cheque to Kirl Hoschtialek GBT's Acting Product Development Officer

Republic Bank continues to Support Carriacou Maroon & String Band Festival – $5,000.00

Republic Bank continues to support culture on the sister isle, Carriacou with a pledge of $5,000.00 to the Grenada Board of Tourism, organisers of the Carriacou Maroon which takes places this weekend.

Maroon & string band music are cultural traditions uniquely preserved in Carriacou over the years, showcases traditional “smoked” food, dance, string band music, drumming and other cultural performances from local and regional participants.

On making the presentation to the Board of Tourism’s Acting Product Development Officer, Mrs. Kirl Hoschtialek, the Managing Director of Republic Bank, Keith Johnson reaffirmed the bank’s unwavering commitment to the preservation and development of the values and cultural heritage of our ancestors.

Republic Bank encourages all to support this unique festival, which also serves as a tourist attraction and income earner for the Sister Isle. The Bank joins in commending the Grenada Board of Tourism and other contributors, in ensuring that the festival is preserved for future generations.

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