Dr George Vincent will chair Grenada’s Public Accounts Committee

He failed to receive the majority of votes from the people of St John but as of 18 April 2013 he was appointed to chair the Parliamentary Committee that will oversee and identified concerns pertaining to financial undertakings of Government.

In the absence of an elected Parliamentary Opposition in the House of Representatives, the members agreed that Dr George Vincent — one of the senators appointed by Governor-General Sir Carlyle Glean to the Senate, will be Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC).The other members of the Committee are: Yolande Bain-Horsford, Clifton Paul and Tobias Clement — the three elected members who were not appointed to Government Ministerial positions.

Following general elections Prime Minister Dr Keith Mitchell had indicated that not all elected members of Parliament will be ministers of Government as there are roles for them within the Parliamentary structure of Governance.

As Chairman of the PAC, Dr Vincent who contested the St John constituency for the National Democratic Congress, will be tasked with the responsibility of questioning public officers regarding the spending of Government finances on public projects or initiatives that receive financial support from Government.

Under normal circumstances, such a position is automatically assigned to the Leader of the Parliamentary Opposition, but Grenada found itself in a unique position following the 19 February 2013 general elections, when the New National Party candidates won all 15 seats in the Lower House of Parliament.

The Parliament comprises two houses in which persons are elected to the 15 seat Lower House and selected to the 13 seat Upper House.

Seven of the persons in the Upper House at the pleasure of the Prime Minister, while three represent the Business, Farming and Labour Communities; and the final three selected at the pleasure of the Opposition Leader.

However, because of the landslide victory of the NNP, the Governor-General was task with appointing the three opposition senators. The other persons appointed were Nazim Burke and Franka Bernardine.

 by Linda Straker

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