May Day Celebrations To Focus On New Environment

Creating a New Environment for Workers to Advance Socially and Economically — This will be foremost in the minds of members of the seven unions affiliated with the umbrella Trades Union Council (TUC) for May Day Celebrations on Wednesday, 1 May.

The celebrations will be held in St. David this year where union members will assemble at the Belle Vue Playing Field and march to the La Sagesse Playing Field.

Following the March, there will be solidarity messages from TUC affiliates and members of the Indian Community.

May 1st is also observed as Indian Arrival Day.

TUC President Mrs. Madonna Harford says, the theme, “Creating a New Environment for the Social and Economic Advancement of Workers”, was chosen because of the continued effects of the world economic crisis on workers.

“The businesses will succeed when workers have money to spend and this is what we have been preaching for the longest while now” said Mrs Harford.

Mrs. Harford said, while there is focus on job protection, they also want workers to understand that demands cannot be unreasonable in this economic period.

“The issues would be, workers understanding that this is not the time to demand as much as you could get. When you have a lot to share, you can do that, but in crisis you have to be understanding of the situation”.

She said, a lot of Unions would have had to look at how they accept minimal salary increases and some of them have been lenient.

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