OK Kosher Certification Received


A local manufacturer stands to benefit tremendously as a result of receiving Kosher certification — a universal symbol which is a buying card for the dietary requirements for many religious communities including Jews, Muslims and Seventh Day Adventists.

West India Spices Incorporated (WISI), manufacturers of essential oils, exotic spices and seasonings has received OK Kosher Certification. The newly kosher certified products include Nutmeg Essential Oil, Pimento Essential Oil, Lemongrass Essential Oil, Nutmeg Butter, Nutmeg Oleoresin, Taste of Life — Meat & Fish Seasoning Mix, Taste of Life — Ground Cinnamon and Lemongrass Splash for topical use.

WISI has attained the highest level of kosher certification, Kosher for Passover, the first manufacturer in Grenada to have achieved this honour. Consumers can be assured that WISI’s products will enhance their culinary arsenal while adhering to the highest level of kosher supervision, whose scrutiny exceeds other international food safety certifications.

A statement from West India Spices said that the OK Kosher symbol is universally recognised as the highest calibre of kosher supervision and certifies some of the largest companies in the world. “OK Kosher currently certifies over 500,000 kosher products, 55% of consumers who buy kosher products choose these products because they believe kosher to be a mark of health, safety and exceptionally high quality,” said the statement.

“Kosher” is a Hebrew word that literally means “fit” or “proper.” When used in relation to food products, “Kosher” means that the item in question meets the dietary requirements of Jewish law.

Kosher certification is also relevant to vegetarians, those with lactose intolerance, seafood allergies and those who simply believe that “Kosher is better.”

The kosher market has an average annual growth rate of 15% per year, with a dollar value of $12.5 billion dollars in the United States alone.

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