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 The enhancement of the Nation’s Sporting Infrastructure is among projects being undertaken in the 2013 Budget.

Prime Minister and Finance Minister, the Hon Dr. Keith Mitchell said, that the Nation’s top sporting facilities will get its fair share of the over EC$ One Billion dollar Budget, announced in Parliament last week Tuesday 16 April.

Dr. Mitchell said, that plans are in train for the rebuilding of the National Athletic and Football Stadium, the construction of the Kirani James Mini Stadium in St John, and the lighting of more facilities for night activities.

“This year the top priority is the rebuilding of the National Athletics and Football Stadium”, he said, noting the People’s Republic of China has earmarked EC$85 million dollars for the project.

The Prime Minister also announced, that the plans are advanced for construction of the Kirani James Mini Stadium at the Cuthbert Peters Park in Gouyave.

“Through a Bolt arrangement, work will start on the first phase of the Cuthbert Peters Park in St John, which would be transformed and named the Kirani James Mini Stadium”, Dr Mitchell said.

He also announced, that the lighting of major playing fields will continue, in an attempt to develop high performance athletes and provide more playing hours for the country’s sportsmen and women.

“Very soon, work will start on the lighting of the La Sagesse Playing Field in St David”, adding that mass participation is also on the cards.

“In conjunction with Sporting Associations and Parish Sports Councils, the Ministry will launch a Community Sports Program aimed at encouraging mass participation by all our people in sports, and bringing sports to the villages and communities.”

The former Grenada Cricket Captain said, that the Roy St John Playing Field at Tanteen will be further upgraded to host sporting activities once work starts on the National Athletic and Football Stadium.

Dr. Mitchell is clamoring for a program that will recognize the exploits of the Country’s leading sportsmen and women.

He is very concerned about of the lack of respect for these heroes, who have done so much for the country.

“As a nation, we ought to be more caring. Government will consider ways to show more respect and appreciation for their service to Grenada and the Region.”

He said that the likes of the deceased Evelyn Gresham and Theophilus “Papitette” Redhead, Tyrone “Sampath” Harbin, Junior Murray, Devon Smith, Rawl Lewis and others, should all be honoured for their sterling services.

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