Trouble beats Top Ranking in sailing races at Woburn

The tables have turned for Top Ranking and its crew during the annual Woburn sailing festival held over the Easter Weekend.

Most of the races and the title of best sailor were taken from Top Ranking by Trouble and its crew, during exciting and stiff competition.

Michael Charles, owner of Top Ranking, described the races as “very competitive.’’ He said there was a lot of challenge from the other sailing vessels, Trouble and Pattern. “It has been a good experience and a success for me since I have been in sailing for more than 20 years now,” said Mr. Charles, who is also President of the Sailing Club. He added that despite the loss to Trouble, this has been the best Easter wind for the last five years.

The event, he said, has witnessed “an increase in sailing vessels and in the amount of young people participating.’’ According to Mr. Charles, the way is being paved “for the young ones who have shown interest in sailing.”

But Mr. Charles stressed that he will remain in sailing, saying the race has to kill him. “I’m not giving up; I just love the race.”

Allan Noel, owner of Trouble said: “It was one of the best races we have ever had in a long time.”

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