Government Boasts Of Delivery In 100 Days

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Government can boast on the delivery of a number of projects promised during its election campaign as it celebrates 100 days in office on Wednesday.

Members of Parliament reported on the various areas of achievement at a House of Representatives meeting recently.

Parliamentary Representative for Carriacou and Petite Martinique Affairs, Hon. Elvin Nimrod said, it’s evident that they have lived up to the promise to deliver.

One such promise is job creation with the return of CCC to Grenada, which he describes as a very significant achievement.

Others include the launch of the New Imani Programme, the provision of basic medication, and the timely payment of salaries.

He noted the US five million dollar project about to be launched in St. Mark on Wednesday, creating much needed jobs, the re-launch of the Marina Project in Carriacou on Friday which was started under the previous NNP Administration.

He said, because of political spite and victimization that project was halted by the NDC Administration when they came into office in 2008.

Minister Nimrod added, that Grenada is once more proud of its Leadership role locally, Regionally and Internationally.

“Grenada is now poised to receive many Foreign Investors, cause the OECS and other Regional groupings such as CARICOM, have been making proposals, trying to reposition Grenada to its leadership prior to 2008”, Mr. Nimrod said.

The Parliamentary Representative for St. Mark and Minister for Health, Dr. Clarice Modeste said, when they came into office, Grenada was owing millions of dollars for supplies and was unable to receive medication.

However, they were able to correct the situation at least in part in their first 100 days in office with a payment of more than 2.3 million dollars, which has opened the doors for the provision of medicine for patients with chronic diseases.

She said the hospital is now able to do some laboratory test, and is striving for more improvements in this area

The Minister of Health said, it would be a sad case if diseases such as Polio, Mumps or Measles would return, since supplies from Pan American Health Organisation have been cut for Grenada. She said, the diseases have been eradicated by the effective use of vaccines over the years,and history has shown over 90% in compliance as it relates to getting young people and adults to have their necessary vaccines.

“We have been able to resolve these matters by making down payments. We still owe some, and as we take supplies, we’re still in debt but certainly we are in a better position in terms of credit worthiness, and suppliers by and large are willing to provide”, the Minister informed.

Parliamentary Representative for St. David, Oliver Joseph said, their main emphasis is on the conclusion of the Growth and Poverty Reduction Strategy.

It will be finalised shortly, after which Budgetary support pledged by the EU will be sought.

Minister Joseph, the Minister for Economic Planning and Trade also spoke about assistance being given to local manufacturers.

He said, Government has been able to rectify the problem of VAT rebate for Manufacturers.

Government had to come up with new measures to address the situation by introducing effective May 1st, a Manufacturer’s Competitiveness Programme, where they will get 5% in rebate and 5% as incentives to develop their business.

“The problem was, they were supposed to get back 10% rebate, but because they were not getting it back it affected their cash flow. They could not invest and develop their businesses, so immediate action had to be taken, and after listening to the Business Sector and introducing it, Mr. Speaker, the Business Sector is now saying, their cash flow has improved, they can now expand and develop their businesses”, the Economic Planning Minister said.

Minister Joseph added, that a review of Grenada’s Trade Policy will be done this year by the WTO to ensure that Grenada, along with the other OECS countries, is in compliance to WTO rules.

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