Inland Revenue Division Now In One Physical Location

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The Ministry of Finance and Energy further informs the general public that the VAT Office has been relocated to the Financial Complex,  Carenage, St. George’s.

With this relocation, all sections of the VAT Office are now merged with the existing functional areas of the Inland Revenue Division (IRD).

Taxpayers can now access all offices of the Division in one physical location at the Financial Complex.

The services of the IRD are located as follows:

  • Cash Collection – Building No. 2
  • Taxpayers Services and Enquiries – Building No. 2
  • Administration – Building No. 2
  • Valuation Unit – Building No. 2 (top floor)
  • Audit & Assessment – Building No. 3
  • Collections & Enforcement – Building No. 4


The Inland Revenue Division is committed to serving the public and to enhancing the delivery of its services.  



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