Man Spoken To About Wearing Camouflage Pants

The Royal Grenada Police Force wishes to clear the air about an incident which occurred on Friday 24 May, 2013, involving one of its members and a resident of Non Pariel, St. Mark.

The incident occurred on Friday, 24 May 2013 on St. Peter Street in the town of Goyuave, St. John, when a police constable on patrol duty, saw one who he knows as Filip Jaeiziarpki, a 24 year old resident of Non Pariel, St. Mark, wearing a long camouflage pants.

The officer, having knowledge that it is an offence to be wearing such pants in a public place and that he had on two previous occasions spoken to Filip about wearing the pants, approached him and spoke to him. Filip admitted to the officer that he had previously spoken to him concerning the wearing of the pants. The officer went on to ask him why he continued to wear the pants. Filip responded by saying that everyone told him that it is legal to wear it. The officer informed him that the pants will be taken away from him and asked him if he had on another pants under the camouflage pants. Filip responded in the affirmative. The police constable then asked Filip to accompany him to the Gouyave Police Station, to remove the pants. Filip immediately removed the pants contrary to the officer’s request, folded it and handed same to him, which he accepted. They both had a conversation after which Filip shook the constable’s hand and left.

The Royal Grenada Police Force strongly denies the claim that Mr. Filip Jaeiziarpki was instructed to remove the pants in the public’s view and wishes to remind the general public that, according to Chapter 194 A of the Military Uniform (Prohibition) Act #9 of 2000, it is an offence for  “any person, other than an authorized person to wear any military uniform or clothing having the appearance of such uniform…”

A police officer may arrest without warrant any person who has committed such an offence.

Any person, who is guilty of such an offence according to the Act, shall be liable on summary conviction to a fine of ten thousand dollars or to imprisonment for one year, or to both such fine and imprisonment.

Office of Commissioner of Police

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