Senator Garraway Commends Workers For Quick Response

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A defective Air Condition unit forced workers at the Ministerial Complex to evacuate the building on Thursday, Parliamentary Secretary responsible for Information, Sen. Winston Garraway has confirmed.

The unit is located on the second floor which houses the Ministries of Agriculture and Health.

Senator Garraway said, a hammering sound was heard coming from the unit and smoke was spotted, and as a result, the building was evacuated as a precautionary measure.

Sen. Garraway has commended the promptness and order of staff in getting out of the Ministerial Complex, saying the measure was necessary.

“Just about 8 o’clock yesterday morning, there was a smell of burning rubber coming from the second floor, precisely from the AC unit on the north end of that floor”, the Senator said.

“It was smoke, and it could have been fire,and people got out”.

The Fire Department, the Service men for the AC Unit and the Electrical Engineers from the Electrical Unit of the Ministry of Works were called in.

Sen. Garraway said, they were able to ascertain that within that AC Unit there was a malfunction where the rubber encasement was deteriorated; the smoke was as a result of melting rubber.

“They were able to at least shut it down and put all the measures in place to ensure that it wasn’t something more serious”, said Mr. Garraway.

In securing the area, other air conditioning units on the different floors were inspected.

Workers, after being outside for about two hours, were then given the all clear to return to their desks.

Sen. Garraway noted, that the occurrence further underscored the need to have proper evacuation plans for the Ministerial Complex.

“We are just about to go into the Hurricane Season, and it could be any disaster, any hazard, and we must have a plan that is working, and to ensure people are safe and are protected” the Senator said.

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