World Press Freedom Day

Today, Friday 3 May 2013, marks the 20th anniversary of World Press Freedom Day, a day proclaimed by the United Nations general assembly in December of 1993, following recommendations of UNESCO.

We observe this day guided by the profound theme: “Safe to speak securing freedom of expressions in all Media”.

Over the years journalists and other media workers in Grenada, the region and internationally have had serious challenges and constraints in their approach to freely expressing themselves in reporting a number of issues.

I wish to encourage each and every one of us to understand that in order to make the difference we must take into consideration the following which I will quote from the UN secretary General Ban Ki-moon, in his World Press Freedom Day message 2013:

“A fundamental right on its own, freedom of expression also provides the conditions for protecting and promoting all other human rights. But to exercise does not happen automatically, it requires, a safe environment for dialogue, where all can speak freely and openly, without fear of reprisal”.

While it is important to freely express one’s opinion, in doing so, we must all be mindful of ensuring that once we begin to put our ideas together, that we do so knowing that the information is correct, and that the rights of another are not in any way violated.

As we continue to face the challenges on a daily basis let us not forget the fundamental principles of press freedom, as we take the opportunity today to reflect and pay tribute, to those who have gone before us and those currently serving us.

Shere-Ann Noel

Media Workers Association of Grenada

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