Digicel Continues to Deepen and Strengthen Mobile Network Structure

As Grenada enters the 2013 hurricane season; Digicel assures customers that the company is readying all resources to deal with any eventualities during the season. This includes investments in making the network even more resilient.

Recently the transmission network has been upgraded, and now both microwave and fibre are employed for off-island connectivity providing excellent redundancy. Special emphasis has been placed on ensuring that the southern transmission ring which includes St Georges and the Wall Street area has been strengthened. This means that if the north of the island has a problem it could be isolated so that the main commercial areas could continue to operate and not cripple the countries governmental and financial sectors. This was done at a cost exceeding US$300k.

Attention has not only been paid to the transmission systems improvement, but network capacity has also been enhanced to provide an excellent voice and data customer experience on Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique.

Local and regional experiences over the years has been used to inform the network expansion and this has been supported by spend of over US$21-million.

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