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Connections – Care@Home, a care service providing everyday health and household support to clients in their home, will start serving the people of Grenada in February 2014.

“It is my love for Grenada and my passion for nursing that drove me to set up the Connections – Care@Home service,” says its founder Claudia Thomas who has been a registered nurse in the UK for over thirty years.

“The health system in Grenada is, for some, inaccessible and for others, expensive. There is also a growing ageing population and people with mobility issues who live on their own in some hard to reach parts of the island.

“The reasoning behind Connections – Care@Home is to give their friends and family peace of mind that they are being taken care of in their absence,” continues Claudia, who was born in Grenada but raised in the UK.

“As for our clients, sometimes a little support with the daily chores or a friendly face throughout the day can make a huge difference. People are living longer these days and so we are here to give the right, affordable, support so that they can continue to live enriched and rewarding lives.

“We also offer respite for those that look after family members all day, every day. These hidden carers barely have time to relax or look after their own needs.  With our affordable service they can have a day, a week or even two weeks away to rejuvenate and come back refreshed.

“Care at home is the way forward.” Claudia concludes, “Of course, there are many who are happy to live in assisted facilities, retirement communities or nursing homes but for some people, leaving their home can be both disruptive and depressing.  Most prefer home care because home is a place of emotional and physical associations, memories and comfort.”

Connections – Care@Home services includes basic nursing care, personal hygiene care, meal preparation, house cleaning, laundry, shopping, hair and nails care, help paying bills, yard work, escort service to the doctor or hospital and companionship for a few hours a day. Claudia plans to include full nursing care within a few months of the launch of the service.

Claudia would like Grenadians, and people from the UK, America and Canada with family in Grenada, to complete a form to help her identify the areas where people most need assistance. This will help her to better shape the services provided to ensure it meets the needs of the community. The form is available online at

Why people should choose Connections – Care@Home:

  • Quality consultation time will be spent with each client and/or their carer.
  • Each care plan is carefully tailored to meet the needs of each client.
  • Each client is carefully matched to a member of staff.
  • The care plan will be regularly reviewed and amended if necessary.
  • Staff are trained to deliver a high quality of care to each client
  • Staff are trained to treat each client with integrity, dignity and respect at all times.

For further information please email: or call a Connections – Care@Home representative in the following locations:

Grenada:   Ovington Sandy      (1 473) 536 0963
UK:              Claudia Thomas     (11 44) 7949 154 361
USA:            Rachel Montanez   (1 407) 766 6647
Canada:     Adrian Charles        (1 416) 819 5777

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