Pharmacists to Observe Commonwealth Pharmacy Day

Minister Clarice Modeste-Curwen

Pharmacists in Grenada will be joining others in the profession in various commonwealth nations to observe 16 June as “Commonwealth Pharmacy Day.”

On Sunday, pharmacists in Grenada will open a week of activities by gathering at the Open Bible Church in Gouyave to worship, and this will be followed by a brunch at the church. During the week a number of activities will be undertaken by the pharmacists while pharmacies will be engaging in customer appreciation days.

Health Minister Clarice Modeste, and President of the Pharmacists Association Mrs Lydia Duncan, are expected to each deliver an address about the importance of the pharmacist with regards to healthcare to both the general public and those in the profession.

Ellen Gabriel of the Pharmacy Unit in the Ministry of Health said that the focus will be on educating pharmacists as well as consumers during the week. “There will be educational activities for pharmacists which are aimed at providing ongoing education as it pertains to the profession,” she said.

Pharmacists, also known as druggists or chemists, are healthcare professionals who practice in pharmacy — the field of health sciences focusing on safe and effective medication use.

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