Public Notice – Loitering


The Royal Grenada Police Force has noticed with great concern, an increasing number of persons loitering around the malls, supermarkets, on the streets and other public places in the various towns and in particular, St. George’s.

These persons assemble for idle purposes and hinder other persons from using the sidewalks and use the opportunity to molest, obstruct and harass or annoy other persons.

In this regard, the Royal Grenada Police Force wish to remind these persons that it is against the Laws of Grenada for persons to loiter or assembly with other persons in any public place or open space in any public place for idle, vicious or disorderly purposes.

It is a requirement according to section 25 of the Criminal Code, Chapter one (1) of Volume One (1) of the Laws of Grenada, for such persons to move away quietly when required to do so by a police officer or risk being arrested.

The Force therefore, seeks the cooperation and understanding of the general public in maintaining law and order within the State of Grenada.

Office of Commissioner of Police

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