Salaries of recently hired Government workers to be made public

Ray Roberts

The salaries, as well as terms and conditions for a number of workers hired by the Dr Keith Mitchell administration since the New National Party won General elections on 19 February 2013, are expected to be made public on Friday during a sitting of the senate.

On the order paper for Friday’s sitting of the Senate are a number of questions from Labour Movement representative Raymond Roberts, addressed to Leader of Government Business Sen. Kenny Lalsingh.

According to Order paper questions are:

Question 1

Following the General Elections of February 19, 2013, what are the emoluments being paid to the Ministers of Government, Parliamentary Secretaries and Backbenchers — including allowances for constituencies? Furthermore, when did the payments take effect?

 Question 2

The Leader of Government’s Business is requested to provide a list of the workers with Government Departments/Ministries:

Whose contracts ended and were not renewed.

Those contracts that were renewed.

Those which were prematurely terminated between February 25 and May 31, 2013.

A list of the new workers, including Advisors and Consultants who were given contracts, as well as, their emoluments and allowances.

Question 3

Will the Leader of Government’s Business provide a list of the number of overseas trips made by Government Ministers, Advisors and Consultants, and the purpose for which these trips were made, commencing February 21 to May 31, 2013 and whether they were sponsored by International Organisations or paid for by the Government of Grenada?

Question 4

Will the Leader of Government’s Business provide the terms and conditions for the employment of the Economic Advisor, Dr. Patrick Antoine, including his emoluments and allowances?

Question 5

Will the Leader of Government’s Business provide a list of the names of persons who purchased lands from the Government in the South St. George Constituency between 2002 – March 1, 2013, including the price for which they paid for the lands, as well as, the terms and conditions?

The members of the Upper House will also deliberate on a number of Bills and give their approval to the:

  1. International Companies (Amendment) Bill, 2013
  2. Grenada Authority for the Regulation of Financial Institutions (Amendment) Bill, 2013
  3. 2013 Caricom Development Fund Loan Authorisation Bill, 2013
  4. Terrorism (Amendment) Bill, 2013
  5. Proceeds of Crime (Amendment) Bill, 2013


By Linda Straker

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