Scotiabank Holds Free Mortgage Clinic

On Wednesday 5 June 2013 as part of its 50th Anniversary celebrations Scotiabank held a free Mortgage Clinic at its St. George’s branch.

DSC_4537 copyScotiabank brought in a panel of speakers who shared their expertise on a range of homebuilding and purchasing tips and issues such as the need to obtain professional advice, assessing total costs, designing their home, the role of the Physical Planning Unit, valuations, construction tips, adequate property insurance to protect your investment, executing a mortgage and purchasing and renting property.

The panelists were Trevor Bullen, Architect, Managing Director of C.O.C.O.A; Fabian Purcell, Senior Planning Officer, Physical Planning Unit; Sherlie John Joseph of Joseph John & Associates; Carol Bristol QC of Henry, Henry & Bristol; Ronald Hughes, Managing Director, Trans-Nemwil Insurance (G’da) Ltd; John Adams, Civil Engineer; and Mrs. Maria La Touche and Ms. Paula La Touche of Terra Caribbean.

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Scotiabank’s Relationship Officer Mrs. Glendalyn Phillip, shared how to save on payments, thereby increasing available cash flow which can be used for a vacation, vehicle purchase, university tuition, medical expenses or any other purpose, the tools available to show customers how to save, the benefits they will enjoy switching their mortgages to Scotiabank and the Bank’s 50th anniversary Switch Mortgage offer which runs until 30 June 2013.

Branch Manager of St. George’s branch, Mrs. Pamela Wilson who chaired the evening’s proceedings, introduced her Personal Banking team. “You don’t have to come into the bank,” she advised. “If you prefer, the team can visit you at home or place of business to discuss your needs.” She encouraged customers to make an appointment with the Personal Banking Officers for a free Mortgage checkup as they may have other questions or require clarification on certain aspects of the Mortgage Clinic presentation. She reiterated that the advice is free and stressed the importance of taking advantage of pre-qualification conversations, as a mortgage is the biggest financial commitment of their lives and Scotiabank is committed to being the best at helping customers become financially better off and is happy to help customers discover what is possible with mortgages.

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