C-PATS Representatives To Gather Data In Grenada

Irvin C Durand
Irvin C Durand

Lobbying for the performing arts to be included on both the primary and secondary school curriculum, is one of the objectives of the Caribbean Performing Arts Travelling Showcase which will be in Grenada next week to collect data.

The Caribbean Performing Arts Travelling Showcase is a project of the Dominica based CARIJAZZ Muzik & Entertainment Inc. It is an evolving OECS performing arts initiative aimed at promoting OECS culture; creating and producing specialized events, dubbed “Gems of the Caribbean”, in rotating OECS territories, to bring together our diverse cultures in an in-formal way using the uniqueness of our music and theatrical performances. The session with stakeholders will be held at 5:00pm on Thursday 25 July at the Grenada Trade Centre Annex.

The other objectives of C-PATS include: Offering possibilities for intercultural exchange between different OECS countries, as part of fostering intercultural dialogue through the performing arts; Stimulating creativity and innovation among young artists from different backgrounds by giving them the opportunity of sharing their work and participating in cultural events; and Focusing on youth development and the identification of careers within the creative industries, both as performing artistes and providing the needed support services.

Executive Director of the project Irvin C. Durand and Programme Director Sandra James are presently undertaking various data collections missions throughout the OECS and Grenada will be visited on Thursday 25 July and the following day. They will meet with state institutions involved in the performing arts/creative industry development as well as with key stakeholders and performing artistes to discuss possible Grenadian involvement in this initiative.

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