CCC Work Will Soon Intensify

Works Minister, the Hon Gregory Bowen, has given the assurance that the Agriculture Feeder Road Project, to be executed by Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC), will soon be at full blast, after some minor hurdles are addressed.

Bowen told the Media at a recent press conference, that although work is going on, there are some setbacks, which are being corrected.

The Asphalt Plant, which is needed to provide material for road construction, is being upgraded.

Bowen said, that the Plant which was not used for more than four years, was vandalized and is being upgraded, and that a second Plant in Mount Hartman is also being developed, to have the aggregate and other materials needed for the project.

He indicated, that aggregate is needed for the first part of the road construction — base and sub-base.

Bowen pointed out, that the operations of the Asphalt Plants are crucial for the execution of the project, and that the Ministry of Works is anxiously looking forward to their commissioning. Nonetheless, the Works Minister said, that things are happening with the Ministry working to push the project forward.

“We have ordered some Asphalt, …already in the country; so that we can do what you call the Cold Mix. In the rainy season it does not hold well. The Hot Mix is the best way to do it; but we must wait on the Asphalt Plant”.

Minister Bowen assured reporters, that the upgrading of the Plants, which is costing in excess of a million dollars, is being undertaken by Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC) and not the government, since it was part of the contractual arrangement.

“CCC have the responsibility to get both Plants up and running”, Bowen pointed out.

Reports indicate that over 3,000 applications have been sent to CCC for employment, and although not every applicant will get a place, the project will provide a livelihood for many.

Several jobs are now available with CCC. Officials and local persons- drivers, administrators, mechanics and others are already employed.

Bowen is confident that work will take off in the next two weeks, after the Plants have been commissioned.

The Minister has given CCC at least weeks to complete the Plants, before work on the project gets going in earnest. Ministry of Works Officials say, that hundreds of nationals will earn employment at the CCC Agriculture Feeder Roads Project.

“You must complete the crushing Plant before you get the sub-base and base for the road. That’s when you see the trucks start to move and see most of the construction personnel on the roadway”, said Bowen.


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