Emancipation Celebrations 2013

Restoring the history of Emancipation to its place of prominence.

That is the focus of the Emancipation celebrations this year as Grenada and the rest of the region observes one hundred and seventy-five years of emancipation.

Activities will be held on Thursday 01 August 2013. In the past, it was held on the first Monday in August.

Chief Executive Officer of the Grenada Cultural Foundation, Sherma Wells said, over the years the celebrations seem to have lost some prominence.

This year’s activities will begin with a wreath laying ceremony in the heart of the city of St. George’s at 6 pm.

“We’re going to start off with a wreath laying ceremony in what is known as the police band barracks, which now houses the New Dimensions steel orchestra, significantly which was a hold area for slaves”, she said.

She said there’s a tunnel there which the public will be able to view.

During the wreath laying ceremony, the proclamation to determine the freedom of the slaves will be read also, then they will proceed out of that area unto the bus terminus area.

From the bus terminus, the route continues up to St John’s Street and across to Halifax Street.

“A short stop will be made at the Market Square where the slaves were transported to be sold, to place another wreath, and then continue down to Young Street onto the Carenage”, Ms Wells said.

At the Carenage, a stage will be erected for cultural displays including songs and dances.

The highlight will be a presentation by Dr. Margarite Jones Joseph on the history of emancipation.

The Cultural Foundation CEO said, Dr Joseph will reveal some interesting information that has come to hand recently with the discovery of an area used by the maroon slaves in Grenada based in the hillsides of Concord in St John.

The CEO wants people to join in on the celebrations as Grenada remembers the struggles of its forefathers.

“The history is there, we have to uncover it as the Cultural Foundation, and make it available to our people”, she said

Ms .Wells added, that it is something that should not be taken for granted.

The Cultural Foundation is asking that people dress in African attire for the event.


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