GEPAP Sectoral Consultations Close With Sense Of Achievement

Today sees the fourth and final in a series of Sectorial Consultations conducted by the Ministry of Social Development and Housing as part of the National Gender Equality Policy and Action Plan (GEPAP).

Today’s session is entitled ‘Gender and Citizenship’ and will look at gender issues regarding Democracy and Governance, Power, Politics, Decision Making and Leadership. The various invited persons and agencies will be from sectors including parliamentary offices, trade unions, political parties, statutory bodies, the Diaspora Desk, IAGDO, and relevant governmental ministries.

Four Sectoral consultations were held this week, to collect a situational analysis and receive suggestions for the policy and action plan. The sessions focused on gender issues in relation to four key areas: Violence and Citizen Security; Economic; Social, and Citizenship.

All Consultations are led by Dr. Rawwida Baksh — an International Gender/Development Consultant from Trinidad & Tobago — the technical expert on the project to guide the GEPAP development plan, as well as to undertake much of the work to bring the policy to completion by December 2013. Dr. Baksh guides the consultations in discussions that make links between gender and national development, to identify issues of concern, challenges and opportunities.

The Ministry joins with its funders UN Women, and partners to call on all citizens of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique to be open to the education and awareness on Gender Equality and the Gender Policy. The general public is called to participate in the forthcoming GEPAP Area consultations, further details will follow.

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