NDC leader says his decision is not cast in concrete

Leader of the NDC Tillman Thomas

Political leader of the National Democratic Congress Tillman Thomas on Sunday denied that he has plans to step down or resign from the leadership of the party before the upcoming convention which is scheduled to be held later in the year.

Clarifying claims that circulated last week which said that Thomas plans to resign from the NDC Executive; he said that though he has no present plan to contest an upcoming general elections that decision can be revised.

“I may not contest a general election again, but that in itself is not cast in concrete and circumstances can change,” he said. “However, I will remain as political leader of the party until we have the convention in which all executive positions will be contested, and if the people think I need to be on and lead the executive, I will comply to their wishes,” said the former prime minister.

He was unable to confirm the date for the General Council, but said that whenever it is held, one of the many decisions will be a date for the annual convention. “It’s at that Convention the delegates will have the opportunity to make any changes, and people will have to respect the wishes of the delegates whether or not they decide to make me continue or change the leadership” he said.

After administrating the affairs of Grenada for almost five years, the NDC administration lost the 19 February General Elections to the Keith Mitchell led New National Party, and did not win any seat in the House of Representatives.

by Linda Straker

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