NNP says bring the evidence that MPs are US citizens

Terrance Forrester

Public Relations Officer for the New National Party Terry Forrester said on Tuesday, that a pre-condition for becoming a candidate to contest the 19 February General Election was a declaration of not having United States Citizenship, and all who contested for the NNP were legitimate.

“However, if there is anyone with information to prove that any one of our candidates who are now Members of Parliament are present holders of United States citizenship, I challenge them to come forth with the evidence,” said Forrester, who was responding to inquiries posted online regarding allegations that Alvin DaBreo and Tobias Clement are citizens of the US.

The two became Members of Parliament following the Elections, in which the New National Party won all 15 seats in the Lower House of Parliament, thereby putting the country in a constitutional crisis of not having an elected opposition in the House of Representatives. Grenada’s Constitution restricts holders of US citizenship from becoming an elected member of the Parliament. However that rule does not apply to Commonwealth citizens once they would have complied with the requirements, which include residing in Grenada for 12 months.

Randall Robinson who was a candidate for the National Democratic Congress in the general elections, placed the question about the two having US citizenship on his Face book timeline, without sharing further information.

While DaBreo has categorically denied ever having or applying for US citizenship, this writer was unable to reach Clement, who is known to have pursued advanced education at a US University and presently teaches at the St. George’s University.

“We would have done our own research, but if there are others who can prove differently, I say let them present that information to us; but I know and fully believe that all our candidates were qualified based on the law,” Forrester said.

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