Police Warns Against Wearing Military Type Clothes

Police have given the assurance that they will charge persons who violate the legislation which makes it illegal to wear any attire that is reflective of a military and police uniform.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Edvin Martin said on Wednesday that a number of persons are seen in public wearing military type clothing and this is of concern to the Force .

“The law is pretty clear about person wearing military clothes but yet Customs releases them,” he said, while quickly pointing out that not all attire that is seen selling in shops were necessarily cleared through an authorised port of entry.

There are reports that more and more persons have been entering the island wearing the military type clothing, and whereas immigration officers have been advised about the law, the clothing is not confiscated. “The colour is not important, once it is reflective of military attire it is an offence,” Martin said, as he explained that the law said any patterned materials commonly used for making military uniforms is what the law defines as military attire.

Recently, a Polish national decided to hand over his pants to a police officer after he was warned about the wearing a military type pants.

A person can be fined as much as ten thousand dollars or be imprisoned for one year if found guilty of wearing military type attire

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