Resumption of Construction Work at The Vendomme RC School

Education officials have announced the resumption of construction work at the Vendomme RC school.

A team from the Ministry, headed by Education Minister Anthony Boatswain, as well as private sector investors has planned a trip to the school on Tuesday.

The visiting delegation will include representatives from the Grenada Electricity Company and True Blue Bay Resort.

They will visit the school at ten o’clock on Tuesday to carry out an assessment of the work done.

GRENLEC and True Blue Bay Resort are contributing over quarter of a million dollars to renovate the Vendomme RC.

The school, which was severely damaged in the 2004 passage of Hurricane Ivan, was temporarily rebuilt in the wake of the disaster, with an arched aluminium roof.

This arched structure has housed the school for the past nine years, but it has not been without problems

As a result of the aluminum roofing, teachers and students often have to endure extreme temperatures during the day and leakage when it rains.

These conditions have propelled many parents in the Vendome area to send their children to other schools with better facilities.

The school’s population has seen a steady decline since it was damaged in 2004.

Minister of Education, Hon. Anthony Boatswain has predicted an end to this trend

Parliamentary Representative for St. George North East, Tobias Clement, also expressed his desire to get the school back to its former glory and thanked the teachers for their “dedication under tough conditions.”

Construction is expected to be completed in time for the new school year in September.


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