Sand Mining Areas Identified

The Galby and Grand Bacolet areas in St David have been identified for Sand Mining by the government.

Works Minister, the Hon Gregory Bowen, made the disclosure at a Press Briefing at the Ministerial Complex on Wednesday.

He said, that Gravel and Concrete Emulsion Production Corporation is the only entity authorised to remove sand from the identified areas.

“We’re looking at the Galby and the Bacolet areas in St David for the removal of sand in a sustainable manner — that is for a limited time”. He said, noting that the activity will be watched by the Department of the Environment and other interested parties, to ensure that the area is not over-mined or abused.

He assures the nation that the Sand-Mining will be done in a manner that will not upset or negatively affect the environment.

Bowen said, that sand will also be removed from canals in St Patrick, St Andrew and other areas around the country which are often clocked with sand.

“In St Andrew in particular, residents will clean the sand, place it on the bank to be collected by Gravel and Concrete Emulsion Production Corporation to be sold on the market”.

“We are not going outside the norm or with anything new. Whatever incentive program the Police have in place, we are going to ask them to use it to ensure that we get maximum protection and security of the sand on the beaches” Bowen said.

Government is confident that a well organized Sand-Mining Scheme will help to drastically reduce the cost of sand for construction purposes, which officials hope will take off and create jobs.

Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Mitchell announced in the 2013 Budget, that sand which is imported, will be reduced from EC$120. 00 to EC$60.00 per load, in an attempt to drive down the cost of construction and home ownership.


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