Sandals LaSource Grenada On Course!



As excitement continues to build over the forthcoming launch of Sandals LaSource Grenada, Sandals Resorts International has released the latest mouthwatering images of the property along with information on the huge local workforce behind the extensive project.

Scheduled to be completed in December, the project will witness the total renovation of the resort’s existing room blocks with new finishes and furnishes installed throughout as well as the addition of 125 luxurious new rooms and suites, more than doubling the room count from 100 to 225.

The new property will boast a large central facility with new pools, restaurants, including Sandals’ first ever steakhouse and a pizzeria not to mention a parade of new guest shops. The extravagant new beach pool will feature an expansive deck, a river pool and the widely-anticipated ‘Skypool Suites’, that feature the private infinity-edged pools that are already proving to be the talk of the travel industry.


Behind the scenes, a whole new ‘back-of-house’ zone has been created including full laundry, staff lockers, dry and cold storage units and administrative offices to ensure the highest levels of guest service standards and team member comfort.

Behind the spectacular development is a huge Grenadian workforce that is working tirelessly and expertly to create arguably one of the most eagerly awaited resorts in the history of Caribbean tourism.

Sandals Resorts International Chief Executive Officer Adam Stewart commented “We’re proud that 100% of our contractors and sub-contractors are local and approximately 99% of the workers on site are Grenadian nationals.”

The entire maintenance crew for the project are Grenadian nationals previously employed by LaSource and retained by Sandals Resorts International are supported by IT personnel, communications infrastructure and equipment, cooks and caters, entertainment professionals and ‘drawing office’ maintenance persons, all from local or locally registered people and companies.

In total so far the project has provided employment for 504 local construction managers, supervisors and other workmen with the figure expected to rise to 600 persons within the next two months.

Stewart continued, “We are on a pathway to creating one of the finest resorts in the world and have already committed significant expenditure spending in the region of EC$2 million each week on local suppliers and contractors with much more work due to be undertaken during the development. The project is progressing fantastically and we have the local workforce to thank for that.”

Local workmen are also being given the opportunity to hone their existing skills with new techniques thanks to visiting specialists. “As with most developments such as this, there is provision for transfer of knowledge where specialist work is undertaken by local tradesmen under the supervision of an overseas specialist in order to receive workmanship guarantees from material suppliers but its brings great exposure also,” Stewart noted.

In addition to the workforce, local suppliers are benefiting too with the ongoing the purchase of supplies made locally including all aggregate and backfill material, concrete and concrete blocks, lumber, steel reinforcement, waterproofing compounds, roofing and guttering materials and underlays, and electrical and plumbing pipes and fittings.  Where these materials were either not available locally or not in sufficient supply, the procurement is encouraged through local suppliers.

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