Spicemas Launches Its First Free App For Carnival

The Spicemas Corporation, the official organisers of the Grenada Carnival, today introduced its first mobile app for Android and Blackberry devices in Grenada. This free app will keep users up-to-date with news, photos, videos and events from The Spicemas Corporation social media sites, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube.
The app called Spicemas 2013 enables users to stay informed across all up and coming events and enjoy images, audio and video from events such as Carnival City, Panorama, Bomb Tune and the ever popular Soca Monarch heats and final. Even after the Carnival season is over the app will continue to keep users up-to-date with carnival related information right up until the launch of Spicemas 2014.

Arthur Hosten, Chairman of the Spicemas Corporation said, “The Grenada Carnival is an important part of our heritage and culture and a key event in Grenada’s social calendar. We have a fantastic official website, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube and this app will bring them all to your Android and Blackberry phone and Blackberry Playbook, so that you can enjoy and engage with carnival on the move. Spicemas is delighted to be embracing the digital world of tomorrow.”

App Developer Dari Twum-Barimah said, “Technology is not supposed to keep us apart but bring us together and this app is the perfect example. With my colleague, Rohan Benard, we have designed the app to give all users a full picture of what Spicemas 2013 has to offer and to amplify the effects of carnival on each and every person.

“We now live in a world of texting and tweeting and people are more likely to engage in activities if its mobile friendly and easily accessible. We are offering people an even better way of staying informed across what is happening at carnival time and they will be able to share their findings with family and friends through social networking.”

Users can also make use of a playlist with the latest Soca tunes, or explore a tab dedicated to sponsors which leads to the sponsor website. There is also a form if they feel they need to contact a member of the Spicemas Committee.

Android phone owners will have the additional benefit of not only seeing what events are happening but will be guided to the location with Google Maps. They will also benefit from push notifications which allows them to receive Spicemas 2013 generated messages on current events, highlights and any other updates via a built in app messenger.

The Spicemas 2013 app is free to download online at the following links: 



For further information please email App developer, Dari Twum-Barimah at [email protected]

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