Top Nine Calypsonians Selected To Compete For The Crown

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Two calypsonians from Carriacou will be on the calypso monarch stage on 11 August, as the top nine calypsonians will try to dethrone Scholar for the title of Calypso monarch for 2013. They were selected following the semi final competition which was held on Sunday night at the Grenville Bus Terminal.

According to the rules, even if all the finalists compete, the standby will be allowed to sing after the competition as a guest performer.

Finalists to the 2013 calypso monarch competition are:

  • Sour Serpent – 500 points
  • Randy Isaac – 499 points
  • Papa Jerry – 480 points
  • Nashanha Charles – 474 points
  • Ketura George – 470 points
  • Sheldon Douglas – 463 points
  • Smallies – 460 points
  • Foopy – 458 points
  • Rootsman Kelly – 454 points
  • Jermaine Simon (standby) – 450 points

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