ECCO Adopting New Educational Approach

General Manager of the Eastern Caribbean Collective Organisation for Music Rights says that the organisation has adopted a new focus with regards to the education and sensitisation of music users, and more attention will be done in the area of license issuing.

“We have being engaging in education and awareness of the issue to the general public through workshops, seminars and other group sessions since we launched in 2009, and that seems not to be working. So we have adopted the new approach of one on one discussion and negotiations with music users as part of our efforts to get them to comply with the law,” said Steve Etienne who was on a two day visit to Grenada.

The General Manager said that through this new approach it is anticipated that more music users will see and understand the reason why they need to get a license for the various activities in which they are using music.

“The law in Grenada is clear with regards to using music for public display and performance and based on the tariff guidelines, there are events that will required the promoter to get single license while some will get general blanket annual license,” he said.

Etienne explained that whether the event is free or paid for entry the promoter of the event will have to obtain clearance from the Organisation’s Agent in the island. “The tariff will be different but what its clear is that all users music be license,” he said.

Music users on Tuesday had the opportunity to speak directly with the General Manager and some music owners during a meeting at the UWI Centre.

Grenada’s Copyright Legislation provides for the owners to provide copyright organizations the right to work on their behalf once the work become part of the protected repertoire. ECCO through its direct membership and reciprocal agreement will affiliates such as COTT, BMI and ASCAP is presently the only collective management society in the sub region.

Besides the meeting, Mr Etienne also met with a number of Government ministers and officials including High Command of the Royal Grenada Police Force and the registrar of the Corporate Office of Intellectual Property Affairs.

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