Grenada Carnival Events Available Pay-Per-View Online

Spicemas Corporation

Spicemas Corporation is adding another avenue of viewing Carnival events, through on-line Pay-Per-View. From 1 August 2013, Carnival events will available on-line, from any destination on your Desktop, Laptop, Smartphone or Tablet.

Previously, viewers were given a preview of Spicemas on-line event’s, SMC/LIME Soca-Semi finals and Calypso Semi Finals free of cost.

LIME/SMC Groovy Semi-final is the first event on the pay-per-view list starting 8 pm tonight.

Fans wishing to subscribe to the events can visit Spicemas Official website or our Ustream channel to choose which events they would like to purchase. Users must register, either through Ustream or using a Facebook account. Payment can be made through both debit and credit cards. Once paid the user will be sent a confirmation via email and will be able to login to view the event once it has started.

Only one user is able to view per purchase.

Shows available on Pay-per view on-line include:

LIME/SMC Groovy Soca Semi-Finals
Thursday, 1st August
8pm, US$5

LIME/SMC Groovy/Soca Monarch Finals
Friday 9th August
8pm, US$10

SMC/NLA Panorama
Saturday 10 August
8pm, US$10

SMC Dimanche Gras
Sunday 11th August
8pm, US$10

Viewer Support Questions can be answered by visiting the Support Centre. 

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