June 2013 CXC (CSEC) Summary

National Summary Data for June 2013 CXC (CSEC) Examinations

A total of 3,096 candidates were registered to write CXC (CSEC) examinations in May/June 2013.  2,162 were students attending schools and 934 were private candidates. There were 13,512 subject entries.

Overall there were 1,456 Grade one3,417 Grade two4,166 Grade three, 2,564 Grade four,1,197 Grade five65 Grade six and 676 ungraded or absent.

The pass rate in the examination is 70.26%. In 2012 the pass rate was 64.41%.

The largest entries were in English A (2,022), Mathematics (1,638), Social Studies (1,188) and Principles of Business (800).

The lowest entries were in Music (2), Mechanical Engineering Technology (7), Theatre Arts (17), Additional Mathematics (24), Electronic Documentation Preparation and Management (94), and Religious Education (97).

The subjects with the highest percentage pass were Theatre Arts (100%), Physical Education and Sport (97.81%), Agricultural Science (94.88%), Food & Nutrition (91.04%) and Building Technology Woods (90.61%).

The subjects with the lowest percentage pass were Mathematics (34.61%), Music (50%), English A (55.78%) and Geography (59.95%).

The top performances in the Examination are placed in descending order of Grade 1.

Josh H. P. Henry – Grenada Boys Secondary School
Passed: 14           One’s: 14

Zoya E. A. Buckmire – St. Joseph Convent St. George’s
Passed: 11            One’s: 11            

Ryan I. DeRiggs – Grenada Boys’ Secondary School
Passed: 11            One’s: 10     Two’s: 1

Shadell Avril Peters – Bishops College
Passed: 11            One’s: 10     Two’s: 1

Shian Theresa Ollivierre – Bishops College
Passed: 11            One’s: 10     Two’s: 1

Texanne Eunicia Gabriel – Bishops College
Passed: 10           One’s: 10

Leshae A. Cenac – St. Joseph Convent, St. George’s
Passed: 10           One’s: 10


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