Grenada Making Good Progress Says Prime Minister

Seven months after being returned to office in a landslide victory, the New National Party Government (NNP), is said to be making good progress.

That’s according to Prime Minister Dr. the Hon Keith Mitchell who told a lively constituency forum at the Wesley College Secondary School in River Road that positive developments are taking place.

Dr. Mitchell said, that government is working in the interest of all, and that the future is pretty encouraging.

“If we attempt to listen to all our supporters and their demands, the country will be smashed up; and I am not going to be responsible for smashing up Grenada”. He assured the people at the Forum and the country at large, that his government is working for the social and economic development of Grenada.

“We are going to solve the problems; we are going to show an understanding for the pain and suffering of the people; but we are going to do it with compassion and love; but also with a practical approach. I want us to understand this”, he said, indicating that the country is making a lot of progress.

“We are working night and day because we see a lot of good things coming “.

Dr. Mitchell said, that in spite of the huge financial difficulties inherited from the National Democratic Congress (NDC), his government has been able to stand on its feet and effectively executive the business of the country.

He took issue with the previous administration, which he said was unable to stimulate economic activities and were actually selling the country’s assets monthly to pay salaries.

Dr. Mitchell boasted, that his administration has been performing as worthy professionals.

“We haven’t sold any assets, we paying salaries three and four days before the end of the month”, he exclaimed to a big round of applause.

The Prime Minister indicated, that Government has been working especially in the interest of the poor and less fortunate.

“We have over 3,500 people getting a little bread. As long as the New National Party is in government, everybody will have a chance’, he said, pointing out that the NNP did not come into government to take from one and give to another. “NNP came into government to lift everybody up. That’s our Philosophy. Those who need government the most are the poor people, and if government cannot help the poor and vulnerable, it is not a government”.


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