Letter: Franka Bernadine for Prime Minister of Grenada?

Franka Bernardine


This is the time for the NDC political party to come together; it’s time to come together as one nation and bring lasting relief to those most in need. They can succeed where the NDC failed. If the NDC wants to take back the government, they have to start nominating the best candidate who will work for practical change, a candidate that people trust and believe in; above all, a candidate who knows the history of our triumphs and struggles, a fierce advocate for the men and women throughout Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique.

We cannot turn our backs on those who helped build our nation. Grenadians are again counting on the NDC, because these NNP candidates will be one-term parliamentarians. Grenadians are already expressing optimism.

This question likely planted on Facebook by her opponents to sabotage her candidacy if and when she decides to run as the next Prime Minister of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique, that shameful tactic will backfire, because this is drawing more attention to her qualifications, her achievements, her educational background and political and public services. Grenadians still don’t know who former prime minister Tillman Thomas will pick, but Grenadians are hoping it’s Franka Bernadine. People trust her and she handles herself with aplomb.

So far she has not said whether she is giving it any thought. Some in St George’s political circles are pushing her as the choice to take over the leadership of the National Democratic Congress Party (NDC). Make no mistake, Grenadians, she will be elected Prime Minister of Grenada when and if she decides to run on the NDC ticket. People are already taking her candidacy very seriously. Grenada is already buzzing with curiosity about Franka Bernadine. The people of Grenada wouldn’t be surprised if it happens, as do I.

Franka Bernadine is a superb woman who has done a great job as an NDC politician. I am impressed by her personal skills, grasp of world affairs; her life story is reflective of the Caribbean and Grenada’s journey over the years. She identifies in a visceral way with people’s yearnings for freedom from oppression and desire for democracy. Grenadians believe that she has performed with excellence in her jobs and I happen to think that, all things being equal, it would be nice to have a woman in that position in Grenada. In fact, she is much more qualified than the present American, make that Grenadian prime minister; don’t bet against her.

There is nobody in Grenada who is more supportive on NDC and the people of Grenada policies and is as articulate and persuasive on the issues. Her appointment as leader of the NDC and as prime minister of Grenada will make many girls and women and men proud. She would be the first woman to hold the job. Overly qualified, and at least for her tenure, the rights and needs of women will be integrated into Grenada’s political agenda.

Franka Bernadine has a firm grasp on issues and an uncanny ability to marshal facts and arguments when presenting options, plus she has the ability of bringing people together. The current NNP mandate is fragile; they have already started to falter, which means that the NDC will be back sooner than later. The NDC political party is focusing on what they have to do to rally their forces; they have to develop new working strategy for a new environment.

Grenadian women I have spoken to want Franka Bernadine to know that she must continue with her political and policy work, she must never back down, because too many people, especially women, are counting on her. They know that she will pay more than lip service to women’s rights. Young people are looking to her for guidance in their lives. She is a role model; what kind of message would she be sending if she stopped being actively involved?

Grenadian women admire Franca Bernadine; they admire the quiet strength and grace she has brought to her many different positions as senator and as the minister of education in the former NDC government. Throughout a difficult time in government, she understands that politics requires commitment and sacrifice. With her intelligence and compassion, she held her own in a world dominated by oversized male personalities. Disheartened by St George’s parliamentarians, Grenadians value her hard won sense of perspective. Franka Bernadine has made a priority of addressing people’s concerns and women’s and girls’ policies she says has at times been “cruel” and has worked hard to make sure that there is equal progress for our young teenagers by providing them with a second chance at an education.

Franka Bernadine presents herself as the embodiment of progressive values with the experience to implement them to help struggling citizens reach the middle class if and when she decides to run for the leadership of the country.

Franka Bernadine is calling for an alliance of democratic values in Grenada that would help people confront the unavoidable questions of the 21st century, like balancing individual and community rights, raising families amidst the pressures of the mass media and consumer culture, and retaining our ethnic pride and national identity.

She believes democracy is a work-in-progress, one that our own country, after many centuries, is still trying to perfect. Building and sustaining a free society is like a three-legged stool: one leg is a democratic government, the second is a free market economy and the third is a civil society. In the newly free countries, civil society is as important as free elections and free markets to internalize democratic values in citizens’ hearts, minds and everyday lives.

Her campaign will centre on government policies that would build community, expand opportunity, demand responsibility and reward enterprise. Franka Bernadine still believes in a place called hope, a place called Grenada.

I am struck by the courage of a woman, an educated, brilliant, overly qualified and elegant striking woman, I am deeply impressed by Franka Bernadine, who the people believe will fight for democracy and against unaccountable power. She is an excellent example of successful Grenadian women. The women of Grenada want to improve their lives by earning money to send their children to school, fix their homes, take care of their families.

Her qualifications, achievements, educational background, political and public service career speak for themselves. All Grenadians can and will benefit from her experience; having such intelligent and skillful woman in office will be a dream come true for all Grenadian women. She has the skills, she loves humanity, it can only be a step in the right direction. Grenadian women are ready to build that needed structure that can support her if and when she decides to run. For more info on Franka Bernadine go to ndcgrenada.org, read and get to know the woman, the woman who can become our soon to be prime minister. Forward ever, backward never.

Grenadians believe that our government needs good national economic policies like those that are working in countries like Chile. Grenada can become a model of economic and political success. Women are important to the success of democracy in Grenada; their voice, born out of a collective suffering, assisted in the fall of the revolution. They are helping to sustain democracy out of intent to maintain our freedom, and legitimise our goals for Grenada.

Again, If Franka Bernadine decides to run, she will defeat an incumbent PM; she is portrayed as the mother figure, a hero to young people, whereas Mitchell is been depicted as a macho rooster.

Helen Grenade

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