Minister Thomas Seeks UN Help for One-Stop Crisis Centre for Battered Women

Grenada’s Minister of Social Development Hon Delma Thomas has made an impassioned plea for United Nations assistance in helping the country to establish a one-stop crisis centre for battered women and children.

SONY DSCGrenada’s Social Development Minister Hon Delma Thomas (left) makes a point to Assistant Secretary General for UN Women Lakshi Puri. while Grenada’s UN Ambassador Denis Antoine and Grenada UN Counsel Margaret St John look on. (Photo: Prime Minister’s Office, Grenada)

Her application for assistance came in bilateral discussions with the Assistant Secretary General for UN Women Lakshi Puri during a meeting on the weekend.

Thomas is in New York to attend a meeting at the United Nations on disability, but requested special discussions on the sidelines with the UN Department that deals with global women’s issues.

Thomas told Ambassador Puri that the Grenada government is grateful for the assistance that her department has provided to the country in matters relating to gender equality.

She said that while Grenada has made progress in addressing the issue of violence against women, it is moving forward with a comprehensive policy that will guarantee their further empowerment.

Key to that policy, Thomas articulated, is the need to develop a one-stop crisis center where bettered women can get the legal, health and counseling aid they will need, as well as have a shelter that can house their families in a time of crisis.

In response, Puri said that it is an area which the UN Department will like to assist.

“We think that is a brilliant idea, and we believe that we can mobilize the support that can establish such a centre. We will be more than delighted to work with you,” Ambassador Puri said.

Thomas promised to aggressively follow-up on the discussions and ensure there is a firm arrangement once she returns to Grenada.

Puri welcomed Thomas to her office, saying that she has been made aware of her work for women, children and disadvantaged people.

“We have learnt that you are regarded as the people’s minister, and that you have been a strong advocate especially for women and children,” Ambassador Puri said in congratulating the Grenada minister.


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