TAMCC offering Digital Media course

T A Marryshow Community College (TAMCC)
Students enrolled with TAMCC this fall semester will notice a new course on the academic menu. Digital Media, a fresh and exciting syllabus, has been introduced on the tertiary level by the Caribbean Examinations Council. 

Aimed at students and the working class alike, the program serves as a means of producing quality digital content providers in the Caribbean.

Loretta Simon, a member of the working group and panel for CXC’s newest syllabus, explained the urgency for courses of this nature in our region.

“The Caribbean Examinations Council has recognized that there is a serious challenge in the Caribbean region to provide Digital Media practitioners and, as such, has decided that it is time we start producing our own practitioners. Hence, this syllabus is a direct response to that particular challenge,” Mrs. Simon said.

As our world becomes more and more digitalized, the ways in which we interact with each other have also changed.

“Industries such as media, entertainment and the creative arts have been totally transformed using the internet,” Mrs. Simon said. “It is more interactive, it is faster and it is real time.”

The sheer act of designing a new educational syllabus has been changed by the use digital media. A process that usually takes two years from idea to implementation was able to be completed in a matter of months.

“The working group members come from various Caribbean countries; Trinidad, Jamaica, Guyana, Grenada and Barbados. We worked online, collaborating to finish the syllabus, hence we were able to do it so quickly instead of having to travel back and forth and spend time in hotels working on paper,” Mrs. Simon said.

Persons who pursue the new Digital Media syllabus are expected to gain skills in the areas of web design, digital content creation and mobile application development.

The only prerequisite for the course is that the student should have completed five years of secondary education.


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