Winston “Winty” Frederick has Died

Winston "Winty" Frederick

A former Deputy Speaker of Parliament has died seven days after Grenadians laid to rest the island’s longest serving Governor General, Sir Paul Scoon.

Winston Frederick, who within the period  1990 to 1995 represented the constituency of St Patrick East beat former Prime Minister Tillman Thomas back then as a candidate for the Grenada United Labour Party. In the 1995 elections he lost the seat to Adrian Mitchell.

Following the death of Sir Eric Matthew Gairy in 1997 — then leader of the GULP there was a spilt in the party and “Winty” as he was popularly known launch the People’s United Labour Party with the Guava as his symbol.

For the 19 February 2013 general elections he once again contested the St Patrick East and was of the assurance that he would once again beat former Prime Minister Tillman Thomas but instead he received 11 votes.

He became known for his cynical answers to questions about development for the country and throughout the campaign he promised to build a bridge to Carriacou and for the owner of Disneyland to set up a park in Grenada.

Winty died at the General Hospital on Tuesday night, at age 70.

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