40th Independence Celebrations Preparations

As Grenada prepares to celebrate its 40th Anniversary of Independence on 7 February 2014, Cabinet has agreed on a theme for the celebrations. The theme speaks to unity of our people which is in keeping with the recently read throne speech delivered by the Governor General Dame Cécile La Grenade.

“Uniting our People, Restoring Hope for a Brighter Tomorrow” is the theme coined which is fitting to the mantra of the present government as efforts are underway to create a new and vibrant economy for the people of Grenada.

The Independence celebration is expected to kick off with a forty-day countdown , culminating with the usual military parade and rally at the National Stadium.

Several initiatives of the National Celebrations Committee (NCC) have already been started, thus paving the way for a celebration that would reflect the achievements of our people over the past 40 years. A school art competition has already attracted over 65 entries. The first 12 winners of the art competition will be featured in an almanac for 2014 which will be available in time for the Christmas holidays.

The other initiative underway is a logo competition which is open to the public. The logo will be the official stamp of the NCC for the celebrations and will be used on all branded items. Persons wishing to participate in the Logo competition can contact the Grenada Cultural Foundation for further information on 435-2839.

The National Celebrations Committee is the official body responsible for the planning and execution of Thanksgiving and Independence celebrations as mandated by Cabinet.


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